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T.C.I. Performance was started in September of 2019 as the second division of the head company Truck Centric Inc. Engine building has led us to meet the market demand for quality aftermarket and performance engine parts options, by adding a retail parts division, T.C.I. Performance. Our goal with this division is to fill the gap in the market demand for performance engine parts. Some of the products we carry are exclusive to us as we are the only supplier in Canada. We are constantly working on building our customer network to support local repair shops, engine rebuilders, truck pull and performance build customers.

We have found success in only using high and performance quality parts for our engines. From a standard stock horsepower overhaul to a high performance, high horsepower custom engine build, these parts are manufactured to outperform and outlast all other manufacturers. Having the correct parts configuration is a key component to any engine build, this is especially important when building a high horsepower engine.

We have worked hard at building a worldwide network of contacts, information and resources to stock and supply the highest quality parts and accessories to our customers.

We only use performance aftermarket parts on all of our in-shop engine overhauls. We have done extensive research and testing in the shop to confirm the safety of every part we use. Keep in mind, not all aftermarket parts are safe to use. Some are built at much lower quality standards than others. In previous years, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts were the only way to go and there were not as many aftermarket options.

Now with current technology, the aftermarket world has surpassed the OEM manufacturers. A lot of OEM parts are made overseas and a lot of the OEM overhaul kits are made with remanufactured (used) parts, which have a much higher risk of early failure compared to the aftermarket.

Our aftermarket suppliers use only new parts in their overhaul kits. These suppliers manufacture their own parts, are either American or Canadian made, and include parts and labour warranty. Feel free to contact us for more information or questions on our aftermarket suppliers.

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We pride ourselves in diversifying and supporting local repair shops and engine rebuilders by providing them with exclusive products that we carry. To check out our exclusive products for engine customization, head to T.C.I Performance.